How to make good use of a kitchen meat grinder?
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At present, the capacity of general household meat grinders is 1.2L, 1.8L, 2L, 2.2L, 3L, 6L. Family with 2 people: It is recommended to buy a meat grinder with a capacity of 1.2L, which is low in power, saves electricity and is convenient. Family with 3~5 people: It is recommended to buy a meat grinder with a capacity of 1.8L, 2L or 2.2L, which can basically meet the demand for one-time mixing. Families with more than 5 people: You can buy a meat grinder with a capacity of 3L, which is larger for ordinary families and is more suitable for gatherings or business.

We can choose a meat grinder according to the difference between a stainless steel bowl and a glass bowl and according to our own needs:

1. Material difference:

The stainless steel bowl is made of stainless steel, and food-grade 304 stainless steel should be selected when selecting it. This stainless steel is resistant to high temperature, acid and alkali, and does not produce toxic substances. Glass bowls are generally divided into thickened glass and high borosilicate glass. The glass material is safe and does not release harmful substances, so it can be used with confidence.

2. The difference in appearance:

The stainless steel bowl is made of metal and is opaque. The inside of the mixing bowl cannot be observed when the ingredients are being stirred. You need to open the lid to check. The glass bowl can clearly observe the mixing situation in the bowl, which is convenient to grasp, and the glass appearance is more beautiful.

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3. Weight difference:

Glass bowls are generally heavier than stainless steel bowls, and stainless steel bowls are lighter and more convenient.

4. Durable difference:

Glass is fragile, even thicker glass is not completely resistant to falling, while stainless steel is more durable.

5. Convenient cleaning difference:

Stainless steel bowls are more convenient to clean, and can be sterilized directly in high-temperature water. The thickened glass bowl in the glass bowl cannot be sterilized at high temperature, and the high borosilicate glass bowl can be sterilized at high temperature.

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