How the egg beater works
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How the egg beater works

1. Put the raw material and the agitator into the tank, and place the tank on the stirring support for positioning.

2. After confirming the positioning, rotate the fixing handle to fix the cylinder.

3. The agitator is positioned upward, and the mixing tank is raised to the highest level. Select the appropriate speed gear, and close the switch to mix.

Egg beater

4. After completion, lower the mixing tank in reverse order, and remove the mixer at the same time. At this time, the mixer is still in the tank.

5. Turn off the fixed handle of the mixing tank and lift the mixer of the mixing tank out of the machine together, then take the mixer out of the tank, and take out or pour out the mixed materials.

6. After finishing, be sure to clean the blender. Use conditions 1, paste, cream, filling, use 1, 2, 3, gear . The mixing tool uses a spherical mixer. Liquid cakes, salads, and mixing tools use a ball mixer.

The above are the steps about the operation of the egg beater. If you want to know more information, you can follow us. Jiangmen Oudisi Electric Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of high-quality kitchen appliances such as mixers, mixers, and kitchen machinery. Welcome to consult.

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