How to use the electric egg beater
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How to use the electric egg beater:

1. Put the materials to be made into the container. Eggs need to have their shells removed.

2. The spiral-shaped stirring rod of the egg beater is used to stir the flour, and the round-headed stirring rod is used to beat the egg whites. Before using, plug in the stirring head you need.

3. According to the amount of ingredients to be made and the ingredients to decide the number of stages of mixing. Level 1 has very low power. Level 1-2 of the mixer is suitable for mixing dry items, such as flour, butter, etc.; Level 3-4 is suitable for liquid materials; Level 5 is suitable for mixing dough for making cakes, cookies and other foods.

electric egg beater

4. After selecting the mixing stage, the material can be made. After using the egg beater continuously for about 3-5 minutes, it will become hot, which is normal.

5. After the material is finished, the stirring head needs to be removed for careful cleaning.

Note: When the egg beater is used continuously for a period of time (about 3-5 minutes), it will become hot. Please rest assured that this is a normal phenomenon. Be sure to let it rest for a while before using it. General mixers will do this; be sure to pay attention to the correct The use of the method can prolong the life of the machine!

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