What is the difference between a juicer and a wall breaker?
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In this fast-paced era, we are paying more and more attention to food safety and healthy eating. Authentic DIY juices and light meals have become indispensable healthy drinks in our lives. However, in the face of similar-looking juicers and wall breakers on the market, how do we choose the one that suits us? Today, I will briefly introduce juice extraction from three aspects: function, working principle and taste. The difference between machine and wall breaker.

Juicer, as the name suggests, is specially designed for vegetable juices. The main functions are stirring and juicing. The juice extracted is more nutritious and tastes better than the purchased juice.

A juicer is simply a machine that can quickly squeeze fruits and vegetables into fruit and vegetable juice, which is small and can be used at home. The fruit is quickly ground into juice by the rapid operation of the juicer blade.

The juice from the juicer has a refreshing taste and a lighter color, but there are more foams suspended on the surface.

The wall breaker integrates the functions of juicer, soymilk machine, food processor, grinder and other products, which can instantly break the cell wall of food and release phytochemicals.

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The broken wall is the breaking of the wall of the cell wall. The built-in very high-speed motor of the wall breaker, combined with the extremely hard cutter head, can instantly break the cell wall of the food, and fully break the wall and release a large amount of phytochemicals in the peel, core and rhizome of the food.

The wall breaker crushes and stirs the fruits and vegetables into a mixture, which tastes more like a milkshake or a complementary food. It crushes very finely and does not taste grainy.

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