food mixer use
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What is the purpose of a food mixer? Today, Xiaobian, a professional manufacturer of kitchen machines, is here to tell you about it, hoping to help you.

The food mixer can be used to grind peanuts, onions, garlic, spices and other foods, and can also be used to grind vegetables and fruits to make milkshakes. Due to the gravity of the material itself and the rotation of the screw feeder, the material is continuously sent to the reamer for chopping.

food mixer use

Food mixers also have the following uses:

1. Minced vegetables: As a heavy dumpling lover, in addition to meat fillings, it is also very convenient to add mixed meat fillings with various vegetable fillings. Especially for families with children, children don't like vegetables, at this time you just need to twist all kinds of vegetables together.

2. Make chili sauce: I especially like to eat bright red chili sauce, the kind that is not too broken. If you want to chop chili by hand, it will really make you doubt your life.

3. Peeling garlic: Some meat grinders have this function, such as Mofei's meat grinder, which is especially suitable for people who can't stand the smell of garlic on their fingertips. It is very, very convenient. And make a garlic steamed shrimp after peeling, not too convenient.

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