Why do you need a wall breaker?
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In addition to the rice cooker, if you could only keep one of all kitchen appliances, which one would you choose? Taking into account the functional diversity, frequency of use, and durability, my choice is the wall breaker.

The wall-breaking machine has become popular in China, perhaps thanks to Li Kaifu and Chen Yueqing. They used this machine to smash vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts, etc. together to make "energy soup" to recuperate from cancer. I can't say whether it is really anti-cancer, but they are indeed nutritious and convenient to drink, especially for people who are frail and have poor absorption.

wall breaker

The wall breaker is a cooking machine with super power, better breaking effect and more functions. In order to distinguish it from ordinary multifunctional cooking machines and quickly establish its own characteristics, "wall breaking machine" has become its folk name.

The working principle of the wall breaker and the juice machine are completely opposite. The wall breaker pays attention to high power and high speed, and crushes all the ingredients together; while the juice machine uses a low speed to squeeze all the water in the fruits and vegetables themselves. out, and the slag is discharged from the other side. In comparison, the wall breaker has a wider range of applications, and can even crush ice cubes, hard beans, small bones, etc., and the very hard ingredients that the original juicer can squeeze are probably carrots; the wall breaker is more efficient than the original juice. The juicer is easier to clean; the vegetable juice squeezed by the juicer is purer, but there will be a loss of dietary fiber.

As for juicers and soymilk makers, they are too underpowered and too fragile. All the functions that a juicer has, the wall breaker has, and it is better and stronger. Therefore, the food broken by the wall breaker will be many times more delicate than the ordinary cooking machine. And this kind of delicate, can let the human body eat and absorb the nutrients that we can't eat and can't absorb.

Therefore, the wall breaker is the king among this bunch of machines. If you can only buy one, you still have to choose it.Jiangmen Oudisi Electric Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of high-quality kitchen appliances such as mixers, mixers, and kitchen machinery. Welcome to consult.

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