Tips for buying a juicer
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Everyone wants to get up in the morning and drink a cup of delicious freshly squeezed juice, then a juicer is essential. What kind of juicer should I choose to squeeze out very pure juice? Now I will share with you how to choose a juicer.

Fruits are cheap and plentiful this season. It is recommended to eat a few fruits before meals every day. If you find it troublesome, buy a juicer and juice the fruits eaten by the whole family at one time, which is simple and appetizing.

Shop for a Juicer

1. Juice blender: This machine can be used to blend softer fruits and blend them into puree.

2. Juicer with a single function: there are simple juice extraction and food crushing as the main function, and the price is relatively low. Because some fruits and vegetables have more fiber components, such as sugar cane, carrots, etc., this juicer can use the effect of high-efficiency separation to separate the juice from the residue, which can more completely and effectively help the human body absorb the nutrients of vegetables and fruits.

3. Multifunctional fruit and vegetable juicer: It integrates juicer, juicer, grinder and soymilk maker. It can make milkshake, crushed pulp, and stir. Through the combination of multiple cutter heads, it can realize the needs of ordinary families. Most of the functions, the outer wall of the functional area is a plastic multi-functional design, which is very economical in line with the needs of modern people.

4. Special for electric oranges: This juicer is a machine used to press out fruit juice, such as oranges, grapefruits or lemons and other fruits.

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