What does the egg beater do?
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Many families have egg beaters. What is the function of the egg beater? Besides beating eggs, what else does it do? Today, the editor of OIbao Kitchen Appliances will answer them one by one for you.

1. Beat eggs

The primary function of the egg beater is the egg-beating function. If it is a manual egg beater, it needs to be operated manually. If it is a multi-functional egg beater, you only need to press the button lightly to easily beat eggs, which is very convenient.

Egg beater function

2. Juice

The function of the multifunctional egg beater is not only to beat eggs, for example, it can help us make delicious juice, we only need to put the fruit into the egg beater, after pressing the button, the egg beater will beat the fruit like eggs. Smash it, and then there is a delicious and delicious juice.

3, and noodles

Anyone who has used an egg beater will find that its design principle seems to be the same as that of our automatic dough mixing machine. Like a multi-functional egg beater on the market, in addition to being able to beat eggs, it also has The function of mixing noodles, but the function of mixing noodles can only be satisfied by the multi-functional egg beater, which cannot be satisfied by the general manual egg beater.

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