How to properly whip butter with an electric egg beater
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Many people think that the whipping of butter is "abstract", and they don't know how far it should be whipped. In fact, whipping butter is much easier than whipping egg whites or whole eggs.

Butter is generally used in the following occasions: making pound cake (heavy cream cake/butter cake), making muffins by emulsification, making butter cookies (such as cookies), etc. The process of beating is the same: soften the butter - add sugar and salt to start beating - add eggs and continue beating.

The principle of butter whipping is that the solid fat can be wrapped in air during whipping, similar to egg whipping. During the continuous whipping process, the volume of butter becomes more and more bulky, and the interior is filled with countless tiny pores. After the whipped butter and other ingredients are mixed well, during the baking process, it can act as a leavening agent, making the cake/biscuits larger and looser.

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Let’s take a look at the process of whipping butter together (because the proportions of each recipe are different, the specific recipe is omitted here, and only the process of whipping is described):

First, weigh the desired weight of butter, cut the butter into small pieces, and soften it in a bowl. Be sure to soften enough that you can easily poke a hole in the butter with your hands. Add sugar or powdered sugar to softened butter, salt (you can also add powdered milk at this step if the recipe has it), then beat with a whisk on low speed until sugar and butter are fully combined.

TIPS: The purpose of cutting the butter into small pieces is to allow it to soften more quickly. The butter must be softened, but be careful not to melt into a liquid state, because only solid fats have the property of encapsulating air. It's a simple truth: if you use the liquid vegetable oil at home for whisking, you will find that it can't be beat no matter how you beat it.

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