Make cooking easier? With it, it can be achieved in a second!
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Grinding meat, chopping stuffing, stirring... You can give it all the tedious things with one click! Since I have it, my passion for cooking has been ignited. Every day I think about trying different dishes, and I want to go home and make it.

With a sharp blade, a large piece of pork leg can be minced into a super-fine meat puree in just 8 seconds. If friends come to eat hot pot at home, it only takes 6 seconds to quickly make homemade garlic chili sauce, sesame peanut sauce, etc. This speed is much faster than doing it manually!

The meat stuffing made from it is also tender and juicy. With this little cooking expert, no matter what stuffed buns, dumplings, dipping sauces, etc. your family likes to eat, they can all be satisfied in a few minutes, hygienic and healthy.

multifunctional meat grinder

With such a versatile meat grinder, it is very simple to operate. Place the knife head in a glass bowl and add the ingredients. Align the tabs on the glass bowl, close the lid and press down.

Then install and tighten the motor head, and press the operation directly to start working. (Note: The maximum time for a single whipping of the cooking machine is 1 minute. When the time is up, the machine will automatically stop to protect the motor. It needs to be turned on, and you can press the operation button again.)

The multi-function meat grinder has a start time of 1 second, and it stops when you let go. You can freely control the cooking time and the thickness of the ingredients. The operation button has two gear options, which can be selected according to the hardness of the ingredients and personal needs: the first gear is suitable for some soft ingredients, such as fruits, peppers, boiled fruits and vegetables, etc.; the second gear is suitable for some harder ones. Ingredients such as nuts, meat, carrots, etc.

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