Operation essentials of meat crusher
Class: Knowledges

1) Inspection of meat grinder: select appropriate cutter and metal eye plate.

A. the cutter used for mincing frozen meat and fresh meat shall be distinguished, and the size of sieve plate shall be selected according to the process requirements;

B. the cutter and sieve plate shall be consistent without any gap (the cutter and sieve plate shall be grinded by special personnel regularly). The meat grinder should be cleaned before and after use.

2) Raw material preparation: the lean meat and fat should be minced separately. Generally, the lean meat should be minced after the fat is first minced. Before mincing, the meat should be cut into pieces of appropriate size, and the meat temperature should be kept below 5 ℃.

3) Mincing method: if the meat grinder is a three-stage meat grinder, it can be completed at one time. If it is not this kind of meat grinder, it is also required that the meat grain is smaller, and it can be graded and twisted many times. First, use the large eye plate and then the small eye plate. Do not feed too much or too fast at a time. The meat temperature after mincing shall not exceed 10 ℃.

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