What's the difference between table blender and wall breaker?
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In fact, these two kinds of machines can process vegetables, fruits and other grains into liquid, which can promote gastrointestinal digestion, especially for infants, the elderly and people with poor gastrointestinal digestion.

There are many kinds of juicing products on the market, which can be divided into original Juicer (within 100 revolutions per minute), table blender (thousands to tens of thousands of revolutions per minute) and wall breaking machine (over 20000 revolutions per minute) according to the speed. In general, both the original juicer and the table blender are equipped with a filter screen, and the wall breaking machine has no filter screen (unless presented by the merchant).

The wall breaking machine has higher power, faster rotation speed, and can break harder food materials, even fish bones and herbs, and can break the cell wall of fruits and vegetables in a short time. The nutrition of food materials is more comprehensive. If you like to toss grains (soybean milk, rice paste, nut paste, etc.), more nutritious juice and medicine diet, the wall breaking machine is a good choice. And suitable for the elderly and children to do complementary food.

The table blender (high-speed centrifugal) is the most common. It uses the high-speed rotation of the knife net to crush the fruit. The fruit juice and residue are separated by centrifugal force, and the fruit residue is thrown into the slag collecting barrel. It can take into account some functions of the original juice machine and the wall breaking machine, and the price is relatively cheap. The economical table blender can be selected for the one with low taste requirement.

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