How to choose a table blender?
Class: Knowledges

All kinds of Juicers for their own is the best. We can choose according to the situation of use and the characteristics of the machine itself.

If our usual diet is not just fruit juice, then blender is a good choice, especially wall breaking machine, which can break everything into powder with super power.

If you like all kinds of fruit and vegetable juice, then the original juicer and high-speed centrifugal Juicer can be very competent. If you care about the taste, choose the original juicer. On the contrary, choose the high-speed centrifugal juicer.

For lazy cancer patients, the cleaning of the original juice machine is absolutely a very troublesome thing, relatively speaking, the blender and high-speed centrifugal Juicer are much easier to choose. Because there is no filter screen in the mixer, and the slag slurry is not separated, it is easy to wash it with clean water.

As for the centrifugal juicer, after the water is injected, the juicer can be operated, and the powerful rotating power of the juicer can also be used to clean the juicer easily.

When selecting the mixer, the power between 1200W and 1600W is preferred. The original juice machine without separation of pulp and dregs can better preserve the nutrition in fruits and vegetables. High speed centrifugal juicer is selected, and carbon steel blunt blade is preferred. The speed of high-speed centrifugal Juicer should be at least 26000 rpm, and now some Juicers can even reach 37000 rpm.

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