Introduction to the types of egg beater
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Egg beater is also called food mixer, it is a tool used to break up the egg white and yolk of an egg and fully integrate them into the egg liquid, and separately beat the egg white and yolk to the froth. The egg white and yolk can be easily and quickly broken up and fully integrated into the egg liquid, so as to make steamed eggs.

There are two kinds of egg beaters commonly used in families: manual egg beater and electric egg beater.

Manual eggbeater

The manual egg beater is usually made of stainless steel, which is used for whipping cream, protein, etc. There are different sizes, according to the need to choose the size. It is one of the essential baking tools for making western point. The manual beater is mainly used for beating eggs, whipping cream and mixing materials. It is better to have a dense iron bar or a hard one. I suggest you buy a good quality one, because this tool is most commonly used in baking.

The electric eggbeater is fast, and it is easy to make the cake dough. So it is better to use the manual eggbeater to stir the batter. If you don't have an electric egg beater, you can make a perfect western point just as long as you have a manual egg beater. It's just a lot of physical work.

Electric egg beater

The electric egg beater is divided into portable electric egg beater and seat type electric egg beater with bucket. The following are briefly introduced:

A: Portable electric egg beater

This kind of eggbeater has a power of 180w-300w on the market, so it is recommended to choose about 250-300W. If the power is too small, it is not easy to send things away, and the product is easy to burn. Another very important point is that it is equipped with the egg net and stirring hook. For the sake of health, it is recommended to buy stainless steel. Most of them are actually electroplated egg nets, and the coating is easy to fall off in the process of use. If you care about this, make sure you know it before you buy it.

B: Seat type electric egg beater with barrel

In fact, this is to add a base on the withdrawal by hand, and put a rotatable mixing barrel on it, which is convenient and labor-saving. Generally speaking, the egg beater with bucket has a high performance price ratio when it can be used with noodles. For example, the egg beater with bear base can be used with eggs or noodles. The egg beater can be separated and turned into a portable electric egg beater. Generally 300-500W power. When buying this kind of eggbeater, it is recommended not to choose the model that is too cheap. Generally speaking, the price is about 150-300 yuan.

Precautions: when using the electric egg beater, be sure to pay attention to the maintenance! Don't let the machine work continuously for a long time. Generally, let the machine work continuously for 3-10 minutes and have a rest. It depends on the quality of the machine you buy!

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